Trainwreck Kratom 50 Capsules (500MG Each Cap)

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Trainwreck Kratom Powder Capsules

50 Capsules (plus) containing 500MG Kratom in each.

This is for a  50 “FAT COUNT” bottle

FAT GRAM means you get more than you pay for.

Our guys always add extra powder and CAPS !


Trainwreck Kratom Powder will put you in a very colorful mood.

Trainwreck is a full spectrum kratom strain. Many kratom takers might get confused about this term and don’t know exactly what to expect from a strain like this. In physics, full spectrum refers to a large range of colors. The meaning of that with kratom is, you can expect to get a mix of different veined kratom leaves. This facilitates a comprehensive assortment of all the alkaloids from the mitrgyna speciosa plant. Trainwreck is a unique blend that’s commited to giving you an exceptional experience that you will not forget for a lifetime.

This strain is a more powerful version of the Maeng Da Kratom blends and goes through the same selective breeding process.

When you want a more relaxed feeling, something to help ease your pain, or even help you lose a few pounds, then this is the strain for you.

This is one of the most effective Kratom strains we carry.

There is a high concentration of alkaloids which provides pain relief, stimulation, and a lightening of your mood. It has also shown to give an increase in energy while maintaining focus.

When you are out and about through your day, you can be more in the moment. Don’t feel like your on auto-pilot and enjoy the small things more with this blend.

Help with those fast racing thoughts that tend to happen throughout the day when we are multitasking.

The Trainwreck strain is the perfect strain for that hard working and dedicated person.

The person looking for that extra edge to get ahead of the competition.

If your looking to take advantage of every waking hour in the day, with great focus and awareness from an all natural product then give this strain a try.

From customer reviews, we’ve come to the conclusion Trainwreck kratom is fantastic for these effects:
  • Extreme boost in energy
  • Strong euphoric effects
  • Motivational qualities
  • Light pain relief
  • Mood enhancer
  • Confidence booster

We here at GLAKratom vow to sell only the freshest quality Kratom, at the cheapest wholesale prices.

  • High quality, finely ground powder every time.
  • No Fillers or Additives.
  • Pesticide and chemical free.
  • Grown and harvested in the jungles of Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia.

Our recommended dosage chart for our Trainwreck blend in the average person is as follows:

  • 2 Grams is a beginner dose.
  • 3-4 Grams is a moderate dose.
  • 5-6 Grams for a full strength effect.
  • 7-8 Grams for a strong dose.
  • 8+ Grams for an extreme dose, or a very high tolerance individual.

*The statements made regarding this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The efficacy has not been confirmed by FDA approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional before using any product.

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35 reviews for Trainwreck Kratom 50 Capsules (500MG Each Cap)

  1. Joe

    Good product, great customer service!

  2. Anonymous

    saw your trainwreck kratom on google, pretty happy with my choice. fast shipping, and you guys are really nice with the notes and freebies.

  3. Anonymous

    A big fan of trainwreck, but on the go the powder can be a little hard to handle, especially if I don’t mix it entirely and I get a lump, ew! So the capsules really make it more of a convenience to take.

  4. Random Jack

    I really like trainwreck, glad they are making bigger bottles now.

  5. Brent Gibson

    I’ve been trying a few companies capsules, and I stumbled upon your trainwreck white blend capsules. I’ve been trying to find a good white blend, and these really do the trick. Then if I buy two I get it for cheaper, that I’m a big fan of. five out of five for sure.

  6. Tim Hartford

    The powder seems to hit me a little better, but the capsules are just so simple to take while I’m on the go. I can be driving and take a couple of these, I can NOT do that with the powder. Mixing kratom while driving would be a no go!! Trainwreck is my go to strain from you guys though, it’s high up there on my kratom list

  7. Jordan Flander

    Capsules are great, keeps my mouth powder free.
    Trainwreck is amazing, gives me the energy I need while dealing with my pain.
    I’ll be back gla kratom, thank you.

  8. Gerald

    Really really appreciate trainwreck kratom now. Keeps me on my feet when I’m struggling.

  9. Jack Nefton

    I actually prefer the powder, but, the Tranwreck caps works really good…

  10. Ronda

    I think it takes too long or the caps to dissolve. The powder works right away and is much more instense.

  11. Bethany

    Really good prices for all of your products, I love everything you guys have given me, always something extra too 🙂 Bethany

  12. Harri Corrigan

    I just like having capsules because powder is hard to swallow for me, the train wreck is my favorite capsule you guys carry for sure. gives me that energy boost I need

  13. Jeffrey D

    I love these kratom capsules, they seem to help me considerably more than any other strain available.

  14. Harlen Finch

    Get the powdered train wreck, cheaper and works faster. always does with powder, or a shot.

  15. Michelle

    I really prefer capsules, and the train wreck kratom blend is the perfect one for me. I can’t really do the powder, just doesn’t sit well with me.

  16. Bob

    Good quality, always is, good product, but it just didn’t hit me like the powder did. Not going to be disappointed, but going back to powder! bad taste or not!

  17. Tiffany cote

    The capsules aren’t my favorite, but I just need to take a few more.

  18. Liliana Garner

    I’m just so happy to see this worked so well for me, the energy I get from this train wreck is just amazing.

  19. Eshal Morrison

    i have an issue with the flavor of kratom, but it really helps me in the long run, so I don’t want to stop entirely. I got some of these caps a week ago and I’m so happy I invested in some.

  20. Devon County

    I was very happy with the quality and speed at which I received my order. I will certainly repeat.

  21. Jensen Richards

    They are good I just ordered some to try and I have a really high tolerance however they did work for me and it is priced much cheaper than other websites so I will be purchasing more! I’m curious to try they’re other strains so I ordered more to try

  22. George L

    only $8 for 50 capsules? jesus christ that’s good, I may take 4 at a time, but I can’t find a better price than this.

  23. Jonathan Moore

    The best price for the best white caps you can get! I love these guys!

  24. Naichee

    I prefer the powder but it’s an excellent blend. Got me through some tough times

  25. Michael Jenson

    I really love this stuff. Gives me the engery I need for work. I also heard they are coming out with 100 and 500 Cap Bottles. Can’t wait!

  26. Jessica H.

    I highly recommend this product, not just for the great deal, but the product itself is extremely helpful for pain relief and other ailments! Thanks so much!!!!

  27. J. J.

    I have bought train wreck from 2 other places and they totally suck. I’ve never had a problem with GLA. And the price is better than good.

  28. Sarah

    This blend really keeps me level headed. I had a gap between refills of my prescription depression and anxiety meds and this really helped me get through it. Obviously I don’t recommend stopping a medication suddenly but this unplanned gap would have been unmanageable without kratom.

  29. Marcus Stephano

    I like using Kratom powder, but, I can’t mix this stuff at work, so, I am using the capsules. Really handy to have.

  30. Teresa

    I used these capsules to take while I was traveling to visit my daughter.

  31. Joe Heim

    This stuff helped with my foot pain right away, and, the guys at GLA are AWESOME! Top Rate! Thanks.

  32. MATT SHEPHERD (verified owner)

    Really fresh and comes in sealed plastic, I thought it was pretty strong stuff.

  33. Tina (verified owner)

    I like them alot! Have me alot of energy

  34. Melvin Bradley (verified owner)

    Great Great product..

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    exactly what was advertised

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