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GLA Gold vs. White Maeng Da

GLA Gold vs. Classic White Maeng Da Kratom

Hello and welcome to another competitive blog. Here, we are picking two incredible strains and putting them in a chard assessment for you. Today, we are going to have GLA Gold on one side and White Maeng Da on the other.

Before we started the assessment, let us tell you why we are doing this. We already have a basic understanding of Kratom and its benefits. The amazing herb thrives in the tropical jungles of certain Southeast Asian and African countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and others. However, it often becomes confusing for the kratom devotees to accurately comprehend the features of strains. For this reason, we are having this Kratom faceoff blog series. Now, without any more delay, let us quickly start this blog.

GLA Gold Kratom Powder

Honestly, GLA Gold Kratom is not a proper plant-based strain but a creation of the Kratom manufacturers, At GLAKratom, our team of experts has brainstormed to come across a magnificent recipe for Gold Kratom. GLA Gold is prepared by fusing five distinct but exclusive Kratom strains in a fixed ratio. We ensure that none of the strains overpower the key features and benefits of any other kratom strains and together they offer a balanced yet captivating experience.

Availability and Pricing

We have GLA Gold in our powder form only, and the current prices are 15 gram bags for only $10.50, 30 grams for $20, 250 grams for $45, and 1000 grams for $108.99, although we recommend you purchase in bulk once you’re sure about the product so you can save more!

   Classic White Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Second, we have the classic but still very interestingly amazing GLA’s White Maeng Da. It’s quite a unique kratom product. One may say it is the regular white-veined Maeng Da Kratom but there is more to it. We have procured the White Maeng Da Kratom leaves from a specific place for manufacturing this product. These Kratom plants grow in the regions like Jonkong, Banut, and Kalimantan in Indonesia. In these regions, there is comparatively less rainfall, which gives these leaves a unique biochemical composition. Hence, GLA’s White Maeng Da being prepared with these leaves, offers you some exclusive benefits that no other White Maeng Da Kratom can offer. During the making of this product, we also employ unique drying methods. GLA’s White Maeng Da is known to have the best stimulating and well-being benefits that make it very versatile and popular.

Depending on your liking and convenience, you can have it in powder or capsule form. We have the product in both forms.

Availability and Pricing

GLA’s Classic White Maeng Da Powder comes in multiple quantity options such as 15 gram30 gram250 gram, and 1000 gram bags for only $89.99. GLA’s White Maeng Da Capsules is also accessible in the counts of 50 capsules100, and 1000 respectively.

Which One Is Better?

The question is very tricky to answer. While GLA’s White Maeng Da is potent, yet soothing and stimulating, GLA Gold is a blend of five strains and their unique features. It may not be as potent as White Maeng Da but it is very pleasant and versatile which means it caters and satiates your various requirements.

Both of them are unique and amazing in their way. They aid you differently and hence it is a little tricky to rule out which one is better than the other. For one person, GLA Gold is great while others may love the classic White Maeng Da more. Therefore, it is up to you to assess and see which one is better and suitable for you.