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The Ultimate Guide For White-veined Kratom

The Ultimate guide for White vein Kratom

At GLAKratom, our first precedence is  to provide you with an excellent Kratom experience that you’ll cherish for a long time to come. What could be better than starting your day with an elevating energy boost? Today, we will talk about one popular Kratom strain, which is famous for its amazing alkaloid composition and benefits. Whether it’s about the origin or its effects and quality, we are going to share everything that you need to know about it.

This blog will be for our White Vein Kratom blends, we hope it’ll give you every important detail about this famous Kratom variant. On that note, let’s get started!

White Vein Kratom: What Is It?

Whether it’s a Red-vein, Green-vein or White-vein Kratom, all of them derive from the Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa plants. Mainly, two factors decide the differences between these strains: environmental conditions and time of harvest. Each of these strains can be further divided into multiple sub-variants based on the geographic location of their origin plants and other things.

As for the collection time, White-veined Kratom leaves are harvested from young Mitragyna Speciosa. That means, we need to pick the leaves at the earliest stage of the plant’s life cycle, before they fully begin to mature. At this point, the leaves contain the highest concentration of Mitragynine. It is one of the primary alkaloids present in Kratom leaves and majorly contributes towards their key benefits. 

Key Benefits of White Vein Kratom

After the Red-vein Kratom strain, White-vein Kratom is the most robust Kratom variant, followed by Green-vein Kratom. Each of the strains have different alkaloid compositions, which result in noticeable variances in their effects offered.

Due to the high presence of Mitragynine alkaloids, White-vein Kratom is likely to offer more mood-enhancing and comes with the most energy boosting benefits. Many Kratom lovers also point out that it can also be very calming and comforting at higher doses. However, one must understand that the effects experienced differ from one person to another, depending on the sub-strains and quantities. 

Different White Vein Kratom Strains

As already mentioned above, White Vein Kratom can be classified into numerous sub-variants. They are primarily named after the name of the origin area. Now, let us quickly give you a consolidated snapshot of the popular sub-strains.

White Maeng Da Kratom is one major household name for those who love Kratom. After Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom is the most popular variant we have. It is regarded as an Umbrella strain that comes from Jonkong, Bunut, and Kalimantan regions of Indonesia. White Vein Maeng Da Kratom is popular for its soothing effects.

White Maeng Da appears to be one of the more ideal White-vein Kratom blends. Moreover, it is the strongest of all Kratom strains belonging to the White-vein category.

White Thai Kratom. The strain comes from the dense tropical jungles of Thailand. Because of the unique soil composition, fertility, and weather conditions, the Thai Kratom leaves have an exclusive biochemical structure. It is super-versatile and enjoyable. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular Kratom strains in today’s Kratom industry. 

The other White Vein Kratom strains popular in the market are as follows.

GLAKratom White Vein Kratom Conclusion 

At GLAKratom, we constantly work hard to bring you premium-grade Kratom products no matter what Kratom preferences you have, so we do our best to carry a variety of products in capsules and powder form.

As you can see, the white veins are considered the best strain for the morning time, along with your daily routine it can even cut out that cup of coffee.

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Finding Kratom Near Me

Americans are becoming increasingly familiar with Kratom and it’s benefits, as its use is gaining momentum in the west. However, finding safe, high-quality kratom near you can be challenging. It’s important to do enough research and locate a reputable distributor of Kratom to ensure you’re receiving a high-end product.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom is a tree that hails from Southeast Asia. Though most Americans refer to it as Kratom, it has numerous nicknames in many languages, including biok, thum, Ithang, Krathom, Kakaum, Kratum, and Ketum. Kratom leaves have been and still are, widely used throughout Asia.

Traditionally used as herbal medicine, residents in Southeast Asia chew the leaves, claiming it helps them to be more productive at work. For centuries, Asians used Kratom leaves the same way we use tea leaves today: steeped in boiling water and consumed as a hot beverage.

Laws Regarding Kratom Kratom near you

Since Kratom is a controversial botanical, it can be quite the challenge to find Kratom near you, depending on where you live. Kratom is currently banned in Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. Furthermore, Alabama and Arkansas view it as a controlled substance, and some municipalities have made selling Kratom illegal. Before your purchase Kratom, research your jurisdiction to make sure it is legal for you to buy.

Before You Buy Kratom near you

Because of the controversy surrounding Kratom and because it has side effects, it is pertinent to research Kratom before you buy. Familiarize yourself with its active ingredient, possible side effects, and local laws. Educating yourself as much as possible allows you to make the choices that are best for you and your health.

Beware of Low-Quality Kratom

Kratom is sadly, an unregulated substance. This means, there is no quality control, no guidelines, laws, or measures to assure its safety when manufactured and sold. Some suppliers of Kratom do not test it for quality and safety. In fact, in the past few years, inferior quality Kratom has been linked to outbreaks of Salmonella poisoning. Salmonella can be highly unpleasant, causing nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Your health and safety are reason enough to make sure you obtain Kratom from a reputable, professional, trustworthy source.

By analyzing our Kratom thoroughly, we make sure that it is free from E. coli, Salmonella, and numerous other pathogens and contaminants. We even go beyond this by ensuring our Kratom is free from chemical properties and heavy metals.

If you understand the potential benefits of Kratom, and you live where its use is permitted, the next step is to find a safe supplier of Kratom. There are many ways for the educated and cautious buyer to acquire Kratom.

Acquiring Kratom from Friends and Acquaintances

Friends, family, and acquaintances can be a great resource for finding reputable Kratom vendors. Talk to people who have used a vendor for more than six months and discuss their experiences with the shop or online vendor.

The people around you who report excellent customer service experiences, expert help in choosing the right Kratom strain, and excellent product quality will point you in the right direction of a good vendor. It can save you a lot of time and money if you find a shop or vendor you can trust right away.

Local Shops

If you live in a state where Kratom is legal and it’s sold openly, buying Kratom near you may be as easy as a short drive down the street. However, these shops may be selling low-quality Kratom. Talk to the owner or employee on duty and see how much they know about Kratom. Take a look around the shop at the different varieties of products they sell, as well.

A local shop that sells high-quality Kratom ensures they source from reputable farmers. Additionally, they make sure their Kratom has been put through extensive lab testing to ensure purity and cleanliness. They will usually not have a wide variety of products, and instead, focus on a few specialties. These shops will likely be extremely knowledgeable about Kratom and will show care and concern for their customers’ health and experiences.

Most specialty shops offer a variety of Kratom strains, including:

Benefits of Buying Locally

The obvious advantage of purchasing Kratom at a local store is that it’s quick and easy. Once you’ve completed your research and decided you want to try Kratom, you can ingest it within hours or even minutes.

An added advantage of buying Kratom from your local shop is that you have the opportunity to discuss the product with a person who has possibly used it. Conversations like that are not always possible when you buy from online retailers.

Additionally, many people value buying produce and botanicals from small, local shops because it supports families, sole proprietors, and the town’s economy.

However, though buying Kratom from a local shop might be a convenient route to take, using a trusted online source is even more expedient since it saves you gas, time, and energy.

Specialty Kratom Stores

A specialty Kratom store is a shop that sells Kratom, but not much else. Specialty Kratom stores often behave more like professional clinics. The staff tends to be educated and passionate regarding the benefits and hazards of ingesting Kratom. Additionally, they are far more aware of industry standards, which means you are likely to find high-grade ingredients.

Steps to Finding a Specialty Store

The good news is that this finding a Kratom shop is not as time-consuming as you might expect. There are two ways to discover respectable Kratom dispensaries.

1. Google Search

Conduct a Google search. Look up “Kratom shops near me” and see what options appear. Then, dig deeper. Call the stores and get to know them. Ask about the quality of their ingredients and inquire about their dispensary standards. Don’t be shy; after all, your health can be affected by the product you purchase. Additionally, look at their online reviews for all experiences, both good and bad.

2. Phone a Friend

If you have friends or acquaintances who have used Kratom with success, ask them where they purchased it. As with most enterprises, the best marketing strategy for estimable businesses continues to be word-of-mouth. Before you blindly purchase from the same vendor your friends used, ask them about their experience with Kratom. Find out whether the product was high-quality, lab-tested, and beneficial to them. Note that this is not the same as accepting Kratom without hesitation from a pal. This step requires asking questions and buying from a vendor whom you research.

Kratom Bars

Just as traditional bars serve alcohol, Kratom bars provide Kratom-infused teas. Kratom can be served as a hot or cold tea. When ingested as a beverage, it’s easy to add herbs like kava or chamomile. An added benefit of Kratom bars is the social, community component they offer. Rather than consuming Kratom alone or buying from a shop, bars give you the opportunity to sit down, relax, and enjoy the company of other people.

Vape Shops

With the advent of vape shops has come a new way for people to purchase products ranging from vape pen cartridges, cases, and skins to e-cigarettes and more. Many vape shops, especially in bigger cities, now offer Kratom products. Unfortunately, when you buy Kratom from a vape shop, you won’t have the opportunity to sit down and enjoy yourself or spend time with a friend. You simply buy the product and off you go.

There are a few other disadvantages to buying Kratom from a bar or vape shop. Most notably, you won’t know where or if the Kratom was lab tested. You will not have a sense of the Kratom’s quality until after you’ve ingested it, and that can be bad news if they’ve sold you low-quality Kratom. It is also necessary to be mindful of the laws regarding Kratom in the bar or vape shop’s jurisdiction. Regulations vary by state and, sometimes even by town or county. Vape shops, in particular, may not be following the law when it comes to the sale of Kratom.

Online Kratom Vendors

There are many Kratom vendors online, and there are plenty who are reputable, caring vendors of their products. Many post their product list, and you can explore the various Kratom options they offer. If they provide a phone number or email address, take the time to contact their customer service representatives and learn more about their products. You’ll be able to tell a lot by your interactions with these people as to whether or not you want to do business with this vendor.

Benefits of Searching Kratom Near Me Online

As with any Internet search, the results for “kratom near me” are blindingly fast. Within a minute or two, you can locate Kratom, purchase it, and know when it will arrive. Better yet, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home.

Drawbacks of Buying Kratom Online

As convenient as online shopping is, the Internet is filled with junk. Anyone can sell almost anything. Procuring Kratom from a pop-up vendor is particularly concerning. Pop-up vendors are merchants who follow the latest trends, cheaply manufacture fashionable products, and sell them without putting genuine care into the process. Pop-up retailers usually close their virtual doors after they either get caught selling poor-quality merchandise or when the market trends change. It’s important to ensure that any vendor you consider purchasing from has been totally vetted. There are important signs and red flags of untrustworthy Kratom vendors.

Signs of Untrustworthy Online Vendors

There are a few tell-tale signs of potentially dishonorable online merchants. If you’ve never heard of them before, especially on Google, or they’ve been in business for less than a year, they might not be as reputable or vet the sources of their products as thoroughly as other vendors. Additionally, these vendors may not have enough experience to help their customers find the correct variety of Kratom for their needs.

Look carefully at their entire website. Does the site describe the testing facility they use to test their products? Do they offer a massive variety of goods, or do they stick to kratom, and closely related products? Does their site illustrate a true passion for Kratom? Does it list a phone number to call so that you can have a conversation with a real person who understands Kratom? If they do offer a phone number and you call, are they able to answer your questions regarding farming, lab testing, and quality control? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, that’s a red flag, telling you they might be a pop-up vendor or sell low-quality Kratom.

Other red flags include vendors with massive inventories and varieties of products, poor or no reviews, only positive reviews, or if there are complaints online about their customer service.

The Dangers of Buying Kratom Online from Unknown Vendors

If you search online for Kratom and discover flashy marketing or wild claims, beware. When you don’t know or trust the level of purity, you don’t always know what you might be ingesting. Likewise, when you purchase Kratom that is not standardized, its quality will suffer. There are significant possible dangers of buying low-grade Kratom online, including digestion issues, dizziness, and more.

Only purchase Kratom from a reputable vendor who cares about your safety and tests rigorously.

Kratom Guides

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Full Spectrum Kratom – Gold Vein Kratom – Kratom Consumer Protection Act

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Methods of Harvesting and Drying Kratom

There are quite a few different Kratom strains out there. Even a brief peek at our own line-up of Kratom powders and capsules is enough to make anyone wonder, “What’s the difference between all these strains and does it matter?”.

The answer can be intricate, but it’s worth understanding if you’re wanting to get the most out of your Kratom.

In this article, we’ll dive into exactly why Kratom strains are named differently and how. We’ll be looking into the life of a normal Kratom plant and explore the life cycle of it. We’ll also show you how important the harvesting and drying processes are in order to produce a fine, quality Kratom powder.

A Primer on Kratom Leaf Harvesting

The Kratom plant is harvested, dried, and processed in a wide variety of ways, and it’s these unique techniques that contribute to the differences found in most Kratom strains.

Generally speaking, there are three categories of Kratom leaves used to classify most Kratom strains.

These categories are White Vein, Green Vein, and Red Vein.

The term ‘vein’ refers to the leaf venation patterns found on the underside of the Kratom leaf.

  • Younger Kratom trees can have leaf veins that are lighter in color (White Vein).
  • As Kratom trees mature, their leaf veins can begin to blend in with the color of the leaf itself (Green Vein).
  • The most mature Kratom leaves can have reddish or brownish underside leaf veins (Red Vein).

Key Point: It’s important to note that not all Kratom tree leaves undergo this leaf vein coloration process entirely. There are a number of variables that can determine the tint of Kratom leaf veins including genetics, soil type, nutrient absorption, and sunlight received during the Kratom tree’s life cycle.

During the lifespan of the Kratom tree, timing is everything. A White Vein Kratom leaf might become a Green Vein Kratom leaf in just a few months, and given enough time, that green-veined leaf can progress into the Red Vein category within another year or two. The vast majority of Kratom leaves are red-veined at the time of harvest, and it’s the post-harvest treatments applied to them that determine the final color hue of the powder and its associated alkaloid profile.

Because of just how crucial it is that Kratom leaves are tracked as they grow, Kratom cultivators have developed highly accurate harvesting schedules that produce the desired amounts of White Vein, Green Vein, and Red Vein kratom.

Remember, the Kratom tree has been grown on dedicated plantations for hundreds of years, and in that time, Kratom farmers have had plenty of opportunities to learn from trial and error!

To Destem or Not to Destem

Another common practice used by Kratom farmers is allowing the attached stem to remain intact after harvesting the Kratom leaves from the tree. Testing has shown that Kratom leaves that are harvested with their stems attached develop slightly different alkaloid profiles compared to Kratom leaves that are pruned from the tree without their stems remaining.

Interestingly, it can actually be desirable for the stems not to be left on the leaf during harvesting; it all depends on the knowledge and experience of the Kratom cultivators.

Post-Harvest Kratom Leaf Processing

After the Kratom leaves have been harvested at just the right time (categorizing them as White Vein, Green Vein, or Red Vein), the next step is to either begin the drying process or initiate the fermentation phase.

Drying Kratom Leaves

If a Kratom strain is going to be immediately dried and spared any fermentation, the harvested leaves are typically spread out into a uniform layer and allowed to dry in one of two environments:

Indoor, fan-assisted drying. Large, dark holding rooms are used to keep the harvested Kratom leaves from being exposed to any direct sunlight. Industrial-grade fans are used to circulate the indoor air and to expel evaporation as the leaves dry.

Indoor drying requires rigorous attention to detail and a hyper focus on sanitation. Without the right moisture management practices in place, mold and mildew may develop.

Outdoor drying. Kratom leaves that are allowed to dry outdoors are carefully spread out into thin layers and left to the elements for 24-72 hours. Because sunlight brings swift death to mold and mildew spores, outdoor Kratom leaf drying is often cleaner and easier to manage, but not always.

Weather conditions must be monitored and the harvested leaves must be agitated every few hours to ensure consistent sunlight exposure to the entire crop yield.

It’s very common for harvested Kratom leaves to be given both indoor and outdoor drying treatments. The length of time the leaves spend in either of these conditions weighs heavily into how potent the resulting crushed powder will be.

Fermenting the Kratom Leaf

Instead of being immediately sent through a drying step, some freshly harvested Kratom leaves will be packed into burlap bags and left to ferment in a dark, indoors environment.

The Kratom leaf fermentation process is more often applied to Red Vein Kratom leaves, but any vein category can be a candidate for fermentation. This step slightly modifies the biomolecular makeup of the Kratom leaf, thus modifying the alkaloid profile.

Fermentation literally transforms the densities and proportions of the naturally occurring phytochemicals contained in the Kratom plant. But, because the fermentation step takes more time and labor to manage, fermented Kratom strains are marketed at premium rates compared with Kratom strains that are not fermented.

Kratom leaf fermentation typically lasts between 24-72 hours. After this time has elapsed, the fermented leaves are allowed to dry indoors or outdoors, depending on the Kratom farmer’s preferences.

Turning Kratom into Powder

By the time Kratom leaves have been harvested, destemmed, fermented (or not), and thoroughly dried, they’ve lost virtually all of their moisture content.

When they are in this desiccated state, they are primed for crushing into a finer and finer consistency until the desired granularity is achieved.

Fun Fact: Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) plant leaves are often chewed whole by natives in southeast Asia. Alternatively, the dried leaves can be cut into a coarse amalgam perfect for steeping in a permeable tea bag. These practices date back to at least the early 1800s.]

The finer the Kratom powder is, the easier it can be mixed into a beverage and consumed. And, finer Kratom powder is more quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body.

Historically, Kratom farmers would use a mortar and pestle to crush dried Kratom leaves. Today, however, in order to meet the global demand for commercial-scale Kratom exports, Kratom cultivators use advanced agricultural machinery specifically designed to quickly and cleanly crush dried Kratom leaves into the finest possible consistency.

Pasteurization and Purity/Potency Testing

So far in the Kratom leaf processing cycle, you might think the hardest work is behind us. The truth is that the most important and time-intensive steps are yet to come.


Applying a uniform amount of heat to rid the processed Kratom powder of any potential microbes is a step known as pasteurization. Pasteurization is scientifically proven to be effective at eliminating 99%+ of microbial contamination that might be present in any Kratom powder. For more information on this crucial post-harvest processing step, check out our article dedicated to this subject.

Independent, Third-Party Lab Testing

Testing the processed Kratom powder for purity and potency is of paramount importance. This is done to accomplish two key goals:

  • Scan for impurities like heavy metals and pathogens
  • Determine the concentrations of plant alkaloids, especially Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine

The very expensive laboratory equipment used to perform this testing phase includes highly specialized spectroscopic probes. This instrumentation is highly sensitive and can detect microscopic particles invisible to the human eye.

Any Kratom powder that is determined to be contaminated will be immediately sequestered and destroyed. Only certifiably clean, authenticated Kratom powder will make its way into the next processing phase: blending and packaging.

Blending, Packaging, and Shipping

After Kratom powder has been thoroughly screened and tested, it’s ready to be packaged for retail sale.

Before this is done, however, our company, GLA, will take two or more different Kratom strains and mix them together to produce our signature blends. These include our Premium blend, GLA Gold, and GLA Smooth, among a few more.

Blended Kratom often provides a more ‘full-spectrum’ Kratom experience that many Kratom users swear by.

An important aspect of Kratom powder blending and packaging is compliance with industry-recognized material handling safety standards. GLA is committed to only supplying Kratom powder and capsules that are made in accordance with the AKAs Current Good Manufacturing Program (cGMP).

This added quality assurance step ensures that the Kratom you receive from us, is as pure, potent, and contaminant-free as possible.

As you can see, a lot goes into bringing premium Kratom powder and capsules to market. We believe the effort is worth it, as so many people’s lives are enhanced by this incredible plant.

Now that you know more about how Kratom is harvested, dried, and processed, you can confidently explore the variety of strains that await you in our Kratom powder and Kratom capsules product categories.

Kratom Guides

Drug Testing – Alkaloids In Kratom – Kratom Tolerance – Kratom Extracts – Growing Kratom – Low & High Quality Kratom – Before You Buy – Myths and Facts – Types of Kratom – Storing Kratom
Full Spectrum Kratom – Gold Vein Kratom – Kratom Consumer Protection Act

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How To Take Kratom: Oblate Discs

Are you curious about all the ways you can take your Kratom Powder or just trying to find an easier way? Sure, some consumers of kratom are long life fans of capsules or the tried and true “toss and wash” method. But there’s a new contender in town, one that combines many of the advantages of the other most popular kratom methods: Oblate Discs and parachuting kratom.

The kratom community has rallied around oblate discs (also known as “oblaat”) as one of the fastest and most convenient ways of dosing kratom. But is the hype worth it? We certainly think so! We’ve done some research here at GLAKratom and put together a blog to help you decide if you should start using Oblate disks for Kratom!

What are Oblate Discs, and Why Should I Take Kratom Using Oblate Discs?

Oblate discs are thin, flexible sheets made out of vegetable starch (often rice, seaweed, or potato starch). They originated in Japan but have recently spread internationally, thanks to their applications in cooking, medicine, and many other areas of life.

Oblate disks are transparent, flavorless, and entirely edible. A combination that makes them a versatile and effective tool for a wide variety of purposes.

In recent years, users have discovered a new use for oblate discs: parachuting kratom.

For many users, oblate discs for kratom are an ideal pairing, combining many benefits of kratom capsules with the ease of the toss and wash method. Taking or “parachuting” oblate discs filled with kratom offers the following benefits:

  • Like the toss and wash method, oblate discs for kratom require only minimal preparation.
    • With oblate discs, kratom prep is easier than with DIY kratom capsules; however, prepared oblate discs will not store as well as capsules.
  • Oblate discs are flavorless but conceal the naturally earthy and bitter taste of kratom powder.
    • This makes oblate discs a more attractive option than toss and wash for users who dislike the distinctive taste of kratom.Oblate discs are extraordinarily thin, allowing them to dissolve very quickly in the stomach.
      • This makes parachuting kratom slightly faster-acting than kratom capsules and only marginally slower than the toss and wash.

You can think of oblate discs as a sort of half-way point between tossing and washing kratom and taking kratom capsules because of these benefits. Easy to prepare, fast-acting, and completely flavorless, it’s no wonder the kratom community has embraced oblate discs!

How to Use Oblate Discs for Parachuting Kratom

Using oblate discs to dose your kratom is fast, easy, and convenient! However, there are a few simple techniques you’ll want to master to make your oblate disc experience a breeze.

Measure out your kratom dose: As with any method of dosing kratom, dosage is key! Depending on the size of the dose you take, a single oblate disc may not be able to hold your desired amount of kratom powder.

1. Lay out your oblate disc(s) and place your kratom dose in the center: While precisely measuring out your total dose is important, it isn’t necessary to ensure that it’s perfectly evenly divided between your oblate discs, so just eyeball it. Don’t go too large with any single oblate disc; the more kratom powder you put in one, the harder it will be to swallow!

2. Fold the oblate disk repeatedly, creating a compact ball that seals the kratom powder in: There are many ways to fold or wrap your oblate discs. Some users repeatedly fold it in half; others pull the edges up then twist the excess to seal the kratom powder in. Depending on the size of your dose and your comfort swallowing capsules (or parachuting oblate discs) of various shapes and sizes, different techniques may work better for you. A bit of experimentation can go a long way!

3. Wet the edges of your oblate disc to seal it and ensure no kratom powder escapes: When exposed to moisture, oblate discs partially melt and can fuse together with other oblate disc surfaces they’re pressed against. A little moisture goes a long way; try simply licking the edge of your oblate disc, much as you might lick a mail envelope to moisten and seal it.

Note: some users recommend dropping the entire oblate disc + kratom powder “packet” into water. While this WILL seal the disc, at least temporarily, the packet will quickly melt and release your kratom dose. ONLY try this method if you plan to IMMEDIATELY drink the glass of water, swallowing the packet it contains as you would a pill or capsule.

The Bottom Line on Oblate Discs for Kratom

Are oblate discs the right choice for you? Undoubtedly, parachuting kratom is convenient and fast-acting. In fact, using oblate discs may just be the perfect middle-ground between the toss and wash and kratom capsules!

In short, oblate discs are definitely worth a shot.

When compared with kratom capsules, oblate discs’ only meaningful downside is that they don’t store well. Oblate discs are more sensitive to moisture than capsules and tend to break down much more rapidly if exposed to even small amounts of moisture.

As such, oblate discs are ideal for users who plan to take their dose immediately after creating the disc pouch (see above for techniques).

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How and Where to Store Kratom

When you store your Kratom Powder to preserve its freshness and potency, look for dark, cool areas. Away from the sun and UV light, any excessive humidity or oxygen as that oxidizes the kratom. Treat your Kratom as you would an expensive tea, storing them in much the manner you would safely store these products.

There’s evidence that Kratom powder, if stored poorly, will degrade the kratoms potency. The main active ingredient is called mitragynine, which will eventually transform into another compound when stored improperly.

As a rule of thumb, use fresh ground Kratom powders within one to three months of delivery. Procure your Kratom from a reputable vendor, so that you can be confident they promptly ship fresh Kratom and adhere to proper storage guidelines. The worst thing to find out is they’ve had the kratom for 2 months sitting on their shelves, only to dump that product on their customers.

To avoid the degradation of your Kratom, store it appropriately for its usage in the proper containers. We’ve created a list of tips to help users store their kratom.

Tips for Storing Kratom

Here are a few tips for storage ideas and facts, if you want to store your kratom powder for long term or daily use, along with after you brew your kratom tea!

Avoid Moisture And Damp Areas.

The biggest enemy of any kratom is moisture. You never, for any reason at all, want to let your kratom get soggy and wet, then continue to stay that way. It will quickly become ruined and rot. Dampness will completely destroy kratom capsules, powder, or kratom leaves in the same detrimental ways.

If your refrigerator is unusually humid, or you feel the shed is a smart place, you may want to reconsider it as a decent space for a kratom storage area. Often, humidity quickly builds up within most storage containers like bins, so make sure there is as little to no oxygen in your containers as feasibly possible. Adding a paper towel or piece of bread to your container may help soak up a small amount of the moisture as well.

Storing Kratom For Daily Use

The best method for storing your kratom for daily consumption is with small, evenly portion out bags. Divide your kratom leaves or powder into small portions for each day, then put each part into a separate container, making sure to get as much oxygen out as possible.

The most crucial step to using this, and most methods of storage is to remove all the air from the container, as oxygen can really diminish the quality of your kratom powder. Close the bag as much as you can without losing your product, then press down to remove any remaining air. Some kratom users even go a step further and have started using vacuum sealed bags.

Once you’ve finished sealing your bags, place them all in a larger plastic bin or tin to divide your kratom by the week or the month. Any kratom powder you decide not to use immediately, will be securely protected from all UV light, dampness, or oxygen, the three significant factors that diminishes kratoms efficacy.

Some people will recommend putting their sealed bags into the freezer for longer term storage. The verdict is still out on whether this is any more effective than any other storage method. You also have to be wary of freezer burn on your kratom when you store it in the freezer for long periods, along with most freezers if left open becomes a home to liquid and humidity.

Storing Kratom Powder In The Long Term

If you’d like to know how to store kratom for an extended period, over a months time, feel free to use the same method you would to store it for short-term use. As this is about as good as you can get in a pinch. Divide your kratom powder into larger portions than you would for short term usage and save some of these together in a dark bag or bin.

When you need to resupply your short term kratom stock, you then only need to break out what you want!

Storing Brewed Tea

If you love to drink Kratom Tea, and you tend to make bigger batches than you can drink in one serving. Kratom tea can actually last up to a week in the fridge or indefinitely in the freezer. As with the other methods of storage, make sure your kratom tea is in an airtight container at the back of your fridge or freezer.

A smart way to keep kratom tea on-hand is to freeze it after you’ve brewed it. Many kratom users choose to potentiate their kratom by creating and freezing a kratom paste. Freezing the kratom paste breaks the plant cell walls to release the alkaloids faster, which in turn makes it a possible potentiator.

Brew the tea as you usually would and let it cool down to around room temperature. Transfer it to a plastic container or into an ice cube tray. DO NOT use glass containers, these can break when the liquid freezes into a solid, expanding it.

Keep your frozen kratom tea sealed or covered so it won’t pick up any unpleasant odors in your freezer. If you decided to make kratom ice cubes, proceed to remove these and put them into an airtight container before placing back into the freezer.

Make Sure Check Your Kratom Often

If you are storing kratom in your pantry, fridge or freezer, make sure to keep checking on it periodically to be sure it doesn’t have freezer burn or mold from humidity. Some of the ways you can tell your kratom isn’t appropriately stored are a loss of smell, loss of color (it tends to turn brown the more it oxidizes), and visible signs of decay or freezer burn.

If your kratom, whether it is in powder, leaf, or tea form looks differently than it did when you initially stored it, then something has certainly changed and it’s usually not for the better.

If you think that the color is off or you can’t smell the kratom anymore, your kratom is likely deteriorating due to poor storage techniques. Kratom powder that’s hurt in quality will not deliver the full effects you may desire, nor will it last as long, and the benefits suffer as a result of this.

What Can Hurt Your Kratom Powder

When you’re deciding where to store Kratom, consider some of the variables that can affect the taste, quality, and longevity.

Changes In Temperature

While Kratom should be stored in a cool and dry place, one of the biggest issues you’ll need to avoid in terms of temperature is a large fluctuation, or change in temperature. Kratom powder will quickly degrade if it shifts from one end of the temperature spectrum to the other. Find a safe spot to store your Kratom that has very little temperature changes.

If your kitchen is facing southwest, and tends to be very warm by the end of the day, you may want to pick a different location for storage. A dark pantry or a root cellar are two great choices for Kratom storage.

UV Light And It’s Effects On Kratom

Rays from the sun are powerful and even harmful, especially to kratom powder. We all know that extended periods in direct sun can be damaging to our skin. The same holds true for all forms of kratom.

Light is and element that causes the alkaloids in Kratom to start breaking down. If you’re an occasional Kratom user, when you finally get around to using your Kratom, it can be less potent if it’s come into contact with UV light.

Kratom can tolerate some level of sunlight, but be careful about how long your kratom is stored that way. Look for dark colored tins or jars to store it in, as dark glass jars tend to help slow down the deterioration process.

Kratom Coming Into Contact With Oxygen

Oxygen is what’s going to cause oxidation in your kratom. In metals, oxygen results in rust, oxidation can also occur in foods and vitamins. Food with more fat in it, will oxidize and smell sour or rancid, vitamins can also oxidize, which usually makes them less effective.

Oxidation will also degrade Kratom, as it can any organic substance. Once off the tree, Kratom is extremely susceptible to environmental changes, so you want to limit those changes as much as possible, getting your kratom into a container as soon as you can. Keep oxygen to a minimum in your storage containers.

Just like UV light, prolonged exposure to high levels of oxygen can degrade the potency of your Kratom. Airtight containers and bags help slow or prevent this from happening.

Strong And Lingering Smells

Some people may opt to keep their Kratom in the refrigerator if there are no other viable options for cool, dark places in their house. Refrigerating your Kratom is an excellent choice, except you need to be wary of powerful odors that can affect its taste.

This predicament can also occur with open butter containers. Like butter, if you store Kratom in your fridge and there are odoriferous foods in there as well, like garlic bread, onions or cooked meat, your Kratom may end up smelling like some of these foods.

Kratom’s sharp, bitter taste does take some getting used to, and it definitely won’t help you acclimate to the taste if your Kratom tastes like pot roast.

Another consideration is the storage container itself. As an example, if you’re planning to use an old cigar storage container to keep your kratom in, it may come out of that container smelling and tasting like cigars. It’s not just where you store your Kratom, but what you store it in as well.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re an experienced Kratom user or new to the world of Kratom, you want to get the most out of your products. Maintaining the longevity and quality of your Kratom is essential, and since Kratom is a botanical, this means you have to take some careful steps to protect it in storage.

Once you’ve found the perfect Kratom strain for you, store your Kratom correctly so it will last a long time. Choose a space that is uniformly cool and shady, and doesn’t have a strong odor. With a tiny bit of effort, you can ensure your Kratom lasts as long as possible.

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Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?

Welcome to Colorado, home to the only place in America where the corners of four states meet, the world’s largest flat-top mountain, and the location of the highest city in the U.S sitting at over 10,000 feet high!

Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?

To answer this question right away, kratom is legal in the state of Colorado, except for the towns of Monument and Parker. On top of that the city of Denver, Colorado has restricted the use of kratom for human consumption. You may still purchase or sell it, as long as you label it correctly, with no advice on how or why to use it.

In 2017, the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment restricted the distribution and possession of kratom for human consumption within Denver City. They’ve stated that the deaths associated with kratom was the reason for that, however the deaths they’ve associated with kratom was not due to kratom in itself, there were many other causes and substances involved in these cases.

However, as a result, kratom packaging needs to be labeled accordingly. They’ve stated that labeling needs to include information about how it’s not intended for human consumption. Distributors must also list the potential dangers associated with possible kratom use. This gives a bad impression on kratom, making it appear on the same scale as alcohol and other drugs.

There were debates regarding the restrictions on kratom, stemming from the Libertarian party of Colorado publicly criticizing the government and speaking in favor of Kratom.

In 2019, both Monument and Parker decided to ban kratom sales within their towns.

Where to Buy Kratom in Colorado?

You can find many local herb, vape, head shops and even gas stations selling kratom in most cities of Colorado.

However, we recommend that you carefully decide where to purchase your kratom. 

While these may be quick and more convenient ways of purchasing kratom, there are quite a few benefits of buying kratom online.

Gas stations and headshops don’t specialize in just kratom powders, so their inventory tends to sit around on the shelf, causing the powder to become an off tint of green or even brown in bad scenarios. This hurts the potency and taste of all kratom powders.

Online kratom vendors, especially shops like us, import kratom from the source which tends to be considerably higher-quality along with coming at a cheaper price. There are fewer people and steps involved in the process, keeping kratom more fresh when the buyer finally opens the bag.

On top of that, we here at GLAKratom are from Missouri, a state that fully supports and enacted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. So you’ll be guaranteed to get a clean, unadulterated product that’s fresh and potent.

If you?d like to see a map of the U.S. kratom legalities, as well as more detailed information on whether kratom is legal in your state, please refer to this blog post.

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Maeng Da Kratom or Bali Kratom? Kratom Reviews by GLAKratom

Bali and Maeng Da Kratom are two famous strains internationally. Both are different for distinct reasons. It is an important choice to select between two equally great strains.

In case any reader is looking for a Kratom option from our store, this review of two high quality Kratom strains can help you decide!

Importance of selecting a specific strain

Whenever someone uses Kratom, it can produce variable effects. The same dosage and product doesn?t give the exact same effects on everyone.

Not every person has the same level of absorbing the alkaloids to immediately show benefits.

For example, any strain of Kratom will have the different effect on a newbie and a regular user of Kratom referencing their tolerance.

For this, there is an actual need for selecting the right strain.

Another important aspect is what the user may be looking to get. There are various Kratom strains, each one of which has different benefits to offer.

A beginning user should have something in his mind before taking up the option to use Kratom.

The requirement of each person is different, so the Kratom strain must match that need. Same is the case with Bali and Maeng Da. Both strains are useful but for varied reasons.

Why is Maeng Da Kratom so popular?

Maeng Da is a native strain of Malaysia and Thailand. It has bright green leaves which are having considerable amounts of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Speciogynine, Speciociliatine, and Paynantheine which makes it a strong stimulant. This concentration of powerful alkaloids is different from the other strains.

What makes Bali Kratom famous?

Bali Kratom is another popular choice of Kratom users worldwide. There are over 25 different types of alkaloids in Bali leaves which include Indoles Mitragynine, Paynanthine, Speciogynine, Oxindoles Mitraphylline, and Speciofoline.

Bali Kratom grows in Borneo, and the reason why it is named as Bali Kratom is that Bali port was the hub of Kratom transport since long ago.

How are Maeng Da and Bali Kratom different?


Maeng Da is a native of Thailand and Malaysia whereas Bali Kratom grows in Borneo which is a part of Indonesia.


The composition of both these strains of Kratom are extremely similar. The alkaloids are same in both strains, but the quantity and density are different. That means the effects of both Bali and Maeng Da will be different too.


Maeng Da and Bali both are famous for their signature effects. The effects of both strains are different from each other.

Maeng Da is a highly stimulating strain which is one of the strongest strains of Kratom.

Bali strain is potent, but it is less active than Maeng Da. The specialized effects of both are as follows.

Signature Effects of Maeng Da: Pain relief, energy, high stimulation, relaxation, rejuvenation, focus, concentration, opiate withdrawal, relief against insomnia

Signature Effects of Bali: Mild stimulation, relaxation, sedation, analgesia, positive approach, euphoria.

Duration of effects

Maeng Da is a highly potent strain which gives long lasting effects. In regards to many reviews, it starts the come up within 15-30 minutes.

The effects last for 5-8 hours after taking the dose. For a beginner level, the moderate dose may last up to 10 hours which is the maximum any Kratom strain can go.

On the other hand, Bali Kratom is faster acting, but it has a short duration.

The effects are noticeable within 10-15 minutes of taking the dose. But these effects vanish within 3-4 hours. After 4 hours, there is usually no lasting effects.


The dosage determines the effects in each user.

  • Maeng Da being an active strain starts working best at 2 grams.
  • The beginner level dose is between 1.5- 2.0 grams which is sufficient to show clear results. It works even better on an empty stomach.
  • Regular users can gradually increase the dose up to 7-10 grams which is a high tolerance dose.
  • In higher amounts, Maeng Da is an excellent pain killer and body relaxant.
  • The threshold dose of Bali Kratom is between 2-4 grams for the full effects.
  • The standard dose is between 4-8 grams which can be set towards personal choice and experience with the same strain.
  • Premium Bali is a more potent form of Bali strain which requires less to show effects.
  • It only takes 0.5-1.0 gram to give you same effects with the premium strain.

Overdosing and side effects

There are no as such side effects of using Kratom. The trick is using the right dose for a person. If the dose has a follow-up of careful administration, there is no way Maeng Da or Bali Kratom can go against the body.

However, a continuous usage of extremely high dose, 10g and above may show negative effects on health.

For beginners, sometimes the first experience ends up with body reactions if taking a high dosage. These effects include nausea, dizziness, insomnia, etc. They don?t need a medical treatment and usually vanish on their own in 24 hours after taking the dose.

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What can Kratom do for me? by GLAKratom

Kratom is known to have many different effects on various individuals.

This guide will help give you some general ideas on what the top four kratom strains can do for you.


Get all your Kratom news here at,