Hixotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey – Space Cake – 2.2g THCA Diamonds


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It has been a minute since Hixotic released a new product, so they decided to drop some heat on our hemp-loving friends!

Hixotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey Pure THCa Diamonds come in a glass container. Each container holds 2.2g pure THCa diamonds and flavor-packed CDTs!

Users can expect hard-hitting effects and mouthwatering flavors from these potent dabs.

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Hixotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey – Space Cake – 2.2g THCA Diamonds

Hixotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey Pure THCa Diamonds 2.2g is Hixotic’s first dab product! It is only fitting that they launch this high-potency THCa Diamonds dab in their fan-favorite Hixotic product line. Although this line focuses heavily on high-potency brands, Hixotic has decided to keep things simple with this dab line using only THCa and flavor-packed terpenes!

If users want an ultra-potent set of effects paired with delicious terpene flavors they know and love, these diamonds have them covered! There are many different types of THC concentrates on the market, but diamonds reign supreme! Every concentrate has its uses and is slightly different in flavor, potency, and consistency, but diamond concentrates are considered one of the most potent.

Hixotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey THCa Diamonds come in a glass container. Each container contains 2.2g of THCa diamonds infused with flavor-packed CDT’s! These pure THCa diamonds boast a 90% and above potency, offering users hard-hitting effects that lead down a road of bliss and relaxation! If users have never tried dabs, they should start with a small dab and access their tolerance from there.

Hixotic has launched this THCa diamond line in three top-selling terpene profiles of the Trap’d Out Jeffrey line. Users can choose from a Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa experience!


How Is Diamond THC Concentrate Made?

As mentioned, Diamond Concentrates are known to be one of the most potent concentrates, typically boasting anywhere from 90% to 99% THCa content! Diamonds are made by isolating THC and mixing it with a solvent, creating a super-saturated solution.

Heat and pressure are applied at this point, as the diamonds form the solvent is evaporated out. Once this extraction process is complete, the strain’s terpenes and flavonoids are reintroduced.

What Is The Best Way To Use THCa Diamonds?

There are many different ways users can utilize Diamond Concentrate. The most common way would be to use a dab rig, but there are many other ways to use concentrates if dabbing isn’t a user’s favorite! The next choice for many users would be with a vaporizer.

This option lets users experience the potency of a dab without using special tools or equipment! We’ll list some of the more uncommon uses below;

  • Making Edibles
  • Sprinkle Some Into A Joint Or Bowl For Increased Potency
  • Use It Subligually
  • Make Infused Butter For THC Cooking

Product Features:

  • Available In A 2.2g Glass Container
  • THCa Distillate
  • Diamond Concentrate Form
  • Potent + Long Lasting Effects
  • Three Unique Flavor Profiles
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety


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