Rave Kratom – Red Bali Bliss Extract Shot – 15ml


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Rave Kratom Red Bali Bliss Extract Shot

Rave Kratom Red Bali Bliss Extract Shot is another full spectrum shot from Rave. This time they were aiming for a slightly more relaxing feeling. That doesn’t mean this shot will put you straight to sleep though! If your familiar with Kratom strains you’ll know that though Bali is a red strain, it is one of the more stimulating red strains making it a solid day time red to use!

Why Choose Red Bali Bliss Extract Shot?

Just like Rave’s other Extract shots this a full spectrum shot. This means your not only getting one or two alkaloids you are getting all of the alkaloids which when combined, just like THC and CBD create the “entourage effect” letting you reap the full benefits of the plant. Red Bali is great for pain relief and sedation but also has stimulating properties. This makes it great to use during the workday while still being stimulated enough to work!

Who Is This Shot For?

Have lingering injuries that make it hard to work? Work long hours and get sore? This shot is the perfect shot for you! As we explained above, Red Bali is a red strain which are known to be highly sedative. This isn’t the case with Red Bali! Red Bali is excellent for pain relief and relaxation but is also known to have stimulating properties as well. This makes it perfect for the aforementioned situations above. You can take this shot to relieve your aches and pains and still be completely functional in the workplace!

Product Features:

  • Full Spectrum
  • 270mg Total Alkaloid Content
  • 15ml
  • 120mg MIT
  • Red Bali Bliss


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