Premium Blend Kratom – 250 grams –

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Premium Blend Kratom Powder

250 Gram Bag

This Premium Kratom blend takes our 4 favorite strains to a new level when you bring them together.

We take every thing into consideration here at GLAKratom. We value our customers opinions, and many of our customers enjoy blending our kratom mixtures. We’ve taken this and expanded upon it, making our own perfectly blended concoction of the best kratom strains we have.

Blending kratom strains can help you receive all the effects you may need on a lower scale, allowing you to get the balance you need. Blending also helps keep your tolerance down, allowing you to continue your usage of your favorite blend, without increasing your dosage.

Our recommended dosage chart for our Premium Kratom powder is as follows:

  • 2 Grams is a beginner dose.
  • 3-4 Grams is a moderate dose.
  • 5-6 Grams for a full strength effect.
  • 7-8 Grams for a strong dose.
  • 8+ Grams for an extreme dose, or a very high tolerance individual.

We here at GLAKratom vow to have a high quality product with high quality customer service. Feel free to call us for any help needed.

  • High quality, finely ground powder every time.
  • No Fillers or Additives.
  • Pesticide and chemical free.
  • Grown and harvested in the jungles of Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia.

Below is the list of Kratom Strains we contain in our Premium Kratom Powder.

Red Bali Kratom

Red Maeng Da Kratom Blend

Green Bali Kratom Powder

White Maeng Da Kratom

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Weight15 oz

25 reviews for Premium Blend Kratom – 250 grams –

  1. Eduard Gallagher

    Just a clean high, I usually didn’t mix my kratom blends, but this really showed me the light

  2. Connie

    All I need to say is you guys are great at what you do, great kratom with fast shipping. I called to see what you recommended and you told me this premium blend kratom is what I might prefer, and let me say I certainly do prefer it!! I’ll be ordering this for awhile to come now.

  3. Paisley Jacobson

    Order this all the time, always fantastic, never had a bad order from you guys.

  4. Anne Marie

    I must say, I don’t think any other place has a blend like this, and it really does wonders for my pain. Doesn’t make me fall asleep and the euphoria is good.

  5. Amirha Morse

    this blends for me, i love it

  6. L W

    I only made this a 4 star because I tried to call and pay, but the store wasn’t open. I guess they had an online pay, so it worked and the premium kratom was good for sure. I guess some stores can’t be open 24/7.

  7. Charles

    Just came love it fresh and came with samples thank you guys very much will order again

  8. Anonymous

    It just hits me the best, I feel amazing throughout the day and it doesn’t give me the shakes like a hard white. Sometimes the white maeng da will do that for me if I take too much, the Red bali can make me fall asleep so this is perfect all around!

  9. Charles Frye

    Very fast shipping,recieved samples and everything had more even the count on the bottle great fresh products.ive ordered from different places and have to say you guys are the best thank you John you helped a lot.

  10. Rebecca Franks

    I tend to avoid mixing kratom, but my tolerance has been getting a little high lately. Gave this premium blend a try and the euphoria is coming back, probably keep this for a little while.

  11. Nancy Sloan

    The Premium is okay, and, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but, it just does not do what I persoanlly want. Great Company by the way!

  12. Kenneth Castro

    I talked to Steven on the phone before I ordered this, only intending on a sample and trying it. I came to the conclusion these guys seem legit and thought I should actually try it. I told him I just wanted a well rounded blend that didn’t cause too much of a sedative feel, but I also didn’t want the jitters that can sometimes come with a white. He recommended this premium blend to me, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Steven, I’ll be phoning you guys more often for your advice.

  13. Farzana Ali

    I’ve never had such a diverse mixture of kratom leaves, this hit me in all the right spots.

  14. Pheonix Mcmillan

    It just hits me the best, I feel amazing throughout the day and it doesn’t give me the shakes like a hard white. Sometimes the white maeng da will do that for me if I take too much, the Red bali can make me fall asleep so this is perfect all around!

  15. Matt Knox

    What an easy and wonderful experience. I’m bummed I just now found you guys.

  16. Jim

    I also wanted to give the Premium Blend a shout out, particularly for its ability to eliminate pain. I had started a new job, and my feet have been really getting bad for a few years now. The job required me to walk constantly on concrete floors in steel-toed boots for ten hours a day. My feet were destroyed by the end of the day. Within forty-five minutes of drinking my Premium tea after my shift was over, the pain was damn near gone, and that’s no exaggeration. I recommend it, but I will say not to go overboard with this stuff. Even a little bit too much resulted in an unpleasant state of mind for a short while.

  17. Ella Harwood

    use this for my pain, maybe a red straight would be a bit better, but I enjoyed this blend none the less.

  18. John and Linda

    I loved the premium blend you guys have, it’s a good mixture of my favorite strains. My wife on the other hand, finds it relaxes her a little too much and needs to go for more of a white overall. 5/5 from me, 3/5 from her, so 4/5!

  19. Conrad M

    This is the BEST AROUND.
    Never gonna every keep ME DOWN.
    love your PREMIUM BLEND!!!

  20. Jeanine Walters

    I ordered this along with a trial size, to test out your product and speed! You guys did a fantastic job, and I appreciate all the help. Thank you!

  21. Donald L

    came in a little fat at 265, which is awesome, very fresh quality

  22. Missy

    This is my third order from here and every time has been nothing but spectacular, I love your premium and the trainwreck, thanks for everything you do.

  23. Kristi Williams (verified owner)

  24. Melvin Bradley (verified owner)

    Yes indeed..Best value…Best kratom..

  25. Diane C. (verified owner)

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