Premium Blend Kratom – 15 Grams –

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Premium Kratom Powder Blend

15 Gram Container

This Premium Kratom blend takes our 4 favorite strains to a new level when you bring them together.

We take every thing into consideration here at GLAKratom. We value our customers opinions, and many of our customers enjoy blending our kratom mixtures. We’ve taken this and expanded upon it, making our own perfectly blended concoction of the best kratom strains we have.

Blending kratom strains can help you receive all the effects you may need on a lower scale, allowing you to get the balance you need. Blending also helps keep your tolerance down, allowing you to continue your usage of your favorite blend, without increasing your dosage.

 Our recommended dosage chart for our Premium Kratom powder is as follows:

  • 2 Grams is a beginner dose.
  • 3-4 Grams is a moderate dose.
  • 5-6 Grams for a full strength effect.
  • 7-8 Grams for a strong dose.
  • 8+ Grams for an extreme dose, or a very high tolerance individual.

We here at GLAKratom vow to have a high quality product with high quality customer service. Feel free to call us for any help needed.

  • High quality, finely ground powder every time.
  • No Fillers or Additives.
  • Pesticide and chemical free.
  • Grown and harvested in the jungles of Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia.

Below is the list of Kratom Strains we contain in our Premium Kratom Powder.

Red Bali Kratom

Red Maeng Da Kratom Blend

Green Bali Kratom Powder

White Maeng Da Kratom

Additional information

Weight10 oz

9 reviews for Premium Blend Kratom – 15 Grams –

  1. Joe

    I got 17 grams after weighing this, but why would I ever buy 15 grams anyways? I enjoyed the blend, and I’ll buy more, but the price at this rate is crazy. your other weights are much more suitable, and in a good price range.

  2. Austin Houstin

    quite like this, because the perfect kratom mixtue you have going on is just amazing. I don’t get any issues with too much energy, it works perfeclty.

  3. Cam S

    I know this is just 4 of your other strains mixed together, obviously, but it has such a nice balance to it. I’ll be getting the 250 next. In another note, why would you complain about 15 grams if you bought 15 grams? lol…

  4. Kimmy Hiezmer

    Tried a couple of your different blends, I really enjoyed the trainwreck and red sumatra, this one was a little more toned down though. Always a great service though

  5. Elicia Roth

    I didn’t think you could take 4 strains and blend them like this, but it really was an eye opener.

  6. Neal Ayman

    quickly going to become one of my favorite kratom strains

  7. Nate L

    I love the mixture of strains in this, I only got this to try it, but I’ll be ordering more of this premium kratom asap

  8. Hester Yates

    I only take a very light amount, I lick my finger and dip it in the kratom. This 15 gram tin lasts me about a week, because I only need the tiny bit. You also sent a 15 gram of red bali to try and I actually enjoyed it as well.

  9. Caius K

    I got this super fast, about 3 days in total, and with free ship that is great.

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