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Kratom Koin Rewards

Rewards are waiting.


Reward points (Kratom Koins) are accumulated based on your orders, referrals from social media and likes, earning 50 points (Kratom Koins) for almost all referrals and social media likes, shares, tweets, Etc. You’ll also receive 5 Kratom Koins for every dollar spent at GLAKRATOM! Reward points can also be directly added to your account as soon as you complete certain actions at GLAKRATOM. You can use those reward points towards the purchase of GLA products. 

Please see the details of the program as follows: 


100 points (Kratom Koins) equal $1 Currently, all Kratom Koins do NOT expire, but you must have a minimum purchase of $25 to use your Koins. All Kratom Koins you collect will be added to your account. Kratom Koins have no actual cash value and can only be used for customer savings at glakratom.com