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Where should I buy Kratom Powder and is all Kratom the same?

We’ve had people come to us recently asking, should I purchase Kratom powder online or in person?

Should I be concerned with the quality and is all Kratom products the same in the end? With this blog, we’ll delve into why you should always make sure your Kratom is fresh, from a safe source, and clean of all contaminates. We’ll go into why some head shops or gas stations that sell Kratom may be safe, but there can always be stuff to look out for.

Should I Purchase my Kratom Powder Online or Offline?

There are two types of places you can buy Kratom powder from.

Local Sources: There are many places where you can buy these Kratom products. For example, local smoke shops, the CBD and Kratom-selling specialty shops, behind the counter at the gas station. You can also find some places in the Yellow Pages or Craigslist.

Online Sources: There are some online Kratom vendors where you can buy Kratom online. However, it is best if you buy it directly from the Kratom manufacturers or companies closely connected with one. These days, they may have a home store where they sell their products (Such as us, our home store is in Blue Springs, Missouri).

The main question is which one is better; online or offline? Below, we have shared their advantages and disadvantages so you can assess them and decide.

Offline Sources: The price is relatively less and often there are big discounts. You can also get to know your sales person, which can lead to a nice relationship. However, there is no certainty if the product is genuine or not. There are many dishonest middlemen and sellers who mix in low-quality herbal dust into pure Kratom to increase the quantity. So, they can offer you discounts while making profits for themselves. Generally, they don’t have a sample. Hence, if you buy it in bulk and find it bad, then it is a loss. There’s also the time the product has been sitting on the shelf to take into consideration. If you purchase from a gas station or head shop that doesn’t have many customers into Kratom, you may find yourself with a stale product that tastes bad and does not give you the effects you desire.

Purchasing from local vendors that participate in online sales, are close with distributors or manufacture Kratom themselves helps alleviate some of these issues, discuss with your local vendor how they do their business. Don’t feel bad about ensuring a quality product, when it’s your money on the line.

Online Sources: They are the manufacturers as well as the Kratom vendors. Most do not give extras (however we always do here at GLAKratom), but have the best quality Kratom product. They often offer sample packs of their product, so you can test them before ordering in bulk. Many of them offer free shipping irrespective of your order value. One can save a good amount of money when they order their Kratom powder in bulk.

Is all Kratom the Same and what should I look out for?

Unlike a lot of similar natural leaves that you may use, Kratom can act as both a stimulant and a depressant when taken in different amounts, the color of the leaf, as well as the other substances you’ve taken during the day and your current mood.

This can make it difficult to figure out which strains are actually safe and good-quality, since it’s possible that it’ll be different every time you use it, even if it’s the same product from the same vendor. In most cases, quality and safety relies on the vendor themselves, since they’re involved in the entire process of sourcing, processing and shipping the product to you.

Most importantly, try to find vendors who run an actual shop, either physically or online. The quickest and safest way to ensure that you get a good product is to buy from somewhere that’s run by a actual person, regularly updates their products on sale, responds to reviews and questions and has run the service for longer than a few months.

These are all signs of a site that’s easier to trust, which generally means that they offer safer and higher quality products. Second, avoid any sites that seem to disconnect from the customer – if you can’t contact them, not even through an email address, you’ll have no way of resolving issues if they ship you an unwanted or low quality product. They could even run away with your money, so be smart with your purchases.

The best way to know you have a good quality Kratom blend is, when you open your product make sure the smell isn’t off and the color of the Kratom is a light green. The darker the mixture, the longer it’s either been oxidized (sitting open in the air, not in a sealed container), or it’s been sitting on the shelf for an extended period of time leading to an inferior Kratom product. We here at GLAKratom inspect every batch, insure fresh and high quality in each and every order. You will never have open a bag to disappointment with us, and we’ll always be a phone call away!

In Conclusion

When it comes to your money, it is always up to you which of the sources you think is best suitable for you. In case you are looking forward to trying an online Kratom vendor, we suggest you consider GLAKratom once. We have recently expanded our product line and included some rare and splendid strains that will make you fall in love Kratom once again, along with our in house blend GLA Gold. We’re making sample packs, bulk bundles, giving free kratom with every order and free shipping for our loyal customers!

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