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What’s The Best Kratom Powder For Relaxation and Sleep Time Aid?

For hundreds of years, many indigenous populations all across Southeast Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea, have been known to use Kratom powder, this comes from the ground leaves of the mitragyna speciosa plan. Kratom has been used for a variety of medicinal and recreational purposes. Now, word of kratom’s remarkable versatility has spread abroad, and people from around the world are freely enjoying the potent healing effects of this timeless botanical.

While most users describe kratom’s effects as being relaxing and soothing, some have noted that the plant’s uses help them rest and unwind after a long day. While on the other end, there’s some kratom powders that delivery an energy boost or have stimulating properties. As a result, many kratom newcomers and enthusiasts alike are in search of an answer to a seemingly simple question: what’s the best kratom for sleep?

Thankfully, you won’t need to search the internet top and bottom to figure out this answer. We’ve made a list of five of our most relaxing kratom strains for our customers!

Best Kratom for Sleep: Red, Green, or White?

Because kratom is natural and a plant, a wide variety of unique kratom powders exist which are sometimes called “strains” or “blends” depending if there’s more than one strain. The differences between kratom strains are a result of the variability involved during kratom cultivation and harvest. To provide transparency to buyers, most vendors label each of their base kratom strains as being red vein kratomgreen vein kratom powder, or white vein kratom powder.

In most cases, a red vein kratom powder is usually considered to be the most well known and often the most used kratom for sleep aid. Most red kratom powder strains possess relaxing, mood-elevating, and soothing effects that excel at easing stress and promoting rest.

Although green and white kratom strains can also possess relaxing qualities, they tend to stimulate more than sedate a user. Red kratom strains are widely considered to be the most relaxing form of kratom due to the alkaloid content of their matured leaves. As a result, most of the strains listed below for natural stress relief and sleep are red-veined.

#1 Red Sumatra Kratom Powder

Red Sumatra Kratom powder has been used for centuries as part of rich Indonesian culture. The Red Sumatra Strain is known to help calm nerves, provide stress relief, and sedate the user to lull them to sleep. This is one of our strongest kratom powders when it comes to using as a night time sleep aid.

#2 Red Dragon Kratom Blend

Red Dragon Kratom is a fairly new blend of kratom powders, consisting of a few popular red strains. It starts off with a slight energizing buzz, but quickly grows into a very relaxing sensation that sedates the user at higher doses. Red Dragon Kratom has quite a strong stimulation and euphoric effect that many users grow to enjoy.

#3 Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Maeng Da kratom powder is the base standard for high quality kratom products, this along with the nickname it’s come with “pimp grade kratom” it’s become a prized strain that’s known for being an extremely effective anti-depressant along with providing pain killing effects. This comes from a boost in motivation and the euphoric qualities it gives off. Taken in higher doses, it will provide a nice sedative effects that helps most users fall asleep.

#4 Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom powder at low to moderate doses can actually give some users energy and help them to focus, it’s known to become a strong pain killer and helps users relax as you increase the dose, as most reds do. I would recommend red bali kratom to anyone who wants to be able to use their red blend throughout the day for it’s pain killing effects, but not be knocked out until bed time when you up the dosage some.

#5 GLA Gold Kratom Blend

We have our own blend of red kratom strains called “GLA Gold”. It’s been made to keep pain and depression in mind. The sedation factor is a little less when it comes to this blend, but it’s still a good one to consider if you’re dealing with a lot of pain. GLA Gold has also been known to stimulate your appetite, making it a perfect thing to take if you need help eating.

In Conclusion

With all this in mind, the scale and grading I’ve used is based off of what we’ve seen from most customers and our personal experiences. Kratom powder can effect every individual differently, at different doses. Find out what you prefer and at what dose to have a great night of sleep. Share with us your favorite kratom recipes and we’ll feature your comments in a blog!

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