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What is Trainwreck Kratom Powder and why should I try it?

If you keep up with the kratom news, and what kind of kratom blends or products come out, then you’ve heard of “Trainwreck” kratom powder. Maybe you’re curious why there’s no real origin of the blend, since you can’t trace Trainwreck to a specific vein. In this blog we’ll dive deeper into what this blend is, what it can do for you, and why you should give it a try.

Full Spectrum Kratom strains and what a Trainwreck Kratom blend is

If you look at our category page for Trainwreck kratom, you’ll see our description, “Trainwreck Kratom Powder will put you in a colorful mood, Trainwreck is a full spectrum strain.”

Many kratom users tend to get a little confused about this term and sometimes don’t know exactly what they’re going to get from it. Well, in physics, full spectrum actually refers to a wide range of colors. What that means when we’re talking about kratom powder is, you’re going to expect to get a mix of different veined kratom leaves. This forms a comprehensive assortment of all the alkaloids from the mitragyna speciosa plant. Trainwreck is a unique blend that’s committed to giving you an exceptional experience that you will always remember.

After the success of our “GLA-Gold” and “Premium blend“, which is also a mixture of other blends (but we will retain their secrecy!) It was time to look into a blend that could push the boundaries of a “full spectrum” blend.

You can see, when we refer to it as full spectrum, this means there’s a few colors blended into a trainwreck, with all kinds of strains.

To be exact, there’s 11 specific strains that go into a perfectly blended trainwreck at our store, that includes some of our favorites like our Bali’sMaeng Da’s, and our Borneo. When it comes to Bali, Maeng Da, White Thai, Green Malay, and others, they are actually a single variant. While Bali and others offer you a unique set of benefits and you can tailor it to yourself, Trainwreck gives you the best of all eleven. Each and every one of these strains come with a unique biochemical composition, and in turn, diverse kinds of properties and benefits. Our team has formulated a specific formula and ratio to mix these strains to ensure you enjoy the qualities of all the strains. It was our prime motto to make sure that none of the strains overpower the others, but still bring a huge punch together.

Benefits of taking Trainwreck Kratom

Our Trainwreck kratom is formulated so that one dose allows you to enjoy all the benefits from the different strains of Mitragyna speciosa. The following are just a few of the merits when you take Trainwreck kratom.

Increased energy

Trainwreck has been known to give a huge boost of energy, sometimes too strong for the casual consumer, we’ve had many customers tell us this is our best blend for the morning time, although everyone is different!

Mood elevation

With Trainwreck giving you the motivation and energy you need for the day, being happy is just an inevitable side effect when you decide to take Trainwreck Kratom. It lightens your mood, boosts energy, lets you focus and experience a more dedicated you.

Pain Relief

Just like most kratom strains, Trainwreck is no different when it comes to pain killing. It’s not as strong as a Red Sumatra or Red Bali, but it’s certainly up there when it comes to easing muscle aches and pains.


Several strains of kratom are quite well known for providing energy boosting and stimulating effects, much like a cup of coffee or a similar caffeinated drink would. Trainwreck goes a step further, though, providing not only stimulation but a feeling of mental clarity as well.

If you’re considering a kratom regimen and have to get up early in the morning, work long hours at a fast paced job or just need a bit of a mental kick start, then you could find Trainwreck kratom to be the perfect option.

How Can I Take My Trainwreck Kratom?

Once you’ve figured out Trainwreck is the right choice for you, you’re going to need to decide which way you’re going to consume it and what’s the best way to work with your kratom regimen.

Like most other options, you can take your Trainwreck kratom a few different ways. The methods of ingestion available to you are mostly going to depend on where and who you decide to purchase your kratom products from.

Whether you’re shopping online or in physical stores, you can almost always expect to see these two options just about anywhere you look (for almost every option, not just Trainwreck):

If you want to go for what is arguably the easiest solution for taking your kratom, you’ll probably want to consider going with capsules. These are the quickest solution for taking kratom powder, and it’s no different than swallowing a pill. Get your appropriate dosage together and down them with a glass of water, and you’re finished. The only downside to taking a capsule is the delay in which kratom can hit you, due to the capsule needing to dissolve first.

You could be someone who isn’t the biggest fan of swallowing pills, and that would be completely understandable. If that’s the case, you can go for the classic kratom powder, which can be stirred into your favorite tea, added on top of some food, or just toss and washed.

Dosage Recommendations

With the wide variety of strains in the Trainwreck blend, you’d imagine it would be hard to figure out where it stands in the spectrum and what it will do for you. With all the testing and customer reviews surrounding Trainwreck, we’ve come to the conclusion this blend is amazing for stimulation, with strong energy boosting qualities due to the high concentration of alkaloids it also provides pain relief and lightens mood. This strain is perfect for being out and about, it will give you the focus you need and the dedication you want.

Our recommended dosage chart for our Trainwreck blend in the average person is as follows:

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