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Maui Waui Kratom Powder: What Is It?

What Is Maui Waui Kratom - GLAKratom

Our new kratom blend, Maui Waui has ZERO THC or adulterants, it’s pure kratom powder! We do however, like to call it, our “sativa” of kratom. Check out why!

Anyone who knows anything about kratom, or has been using it for a long enough time, can probably tell you that one of its signature abilities is the ease of how it very well might replace your morning coffee.

Many kratom users love it for its possible stimulating effects, which can help them feel more awake and alert without having to deal with the jitters and nervousness that drinking a bunch of coffee or energy drinks will make you feel.

Maui Waui is a specialty strain we created for individuals that want exactly this, it’s catered towards energy and stamina for that long day, when you need a little boost!

The Main Benefits of Choosing Maui Waui Kratom Powder

Maui Waui kratom is lesser known, due to us creating this mixture fairly recently, but is quickly becoming loved due to it’s consistent effects. This strain is also known for having longer lasting effects than some other variants of kratom, such as the White Maeng da, so if you choose this quality kratom strain, you can be rest assured that you will be feeling it for hours to come after consumption.

In Conclusion

No matter what it is you’re trying to find in the end, you will probably find that this blend of kratom can offer it reliably. Maui Waui kratom is known for not only delivering some of the main benefits that you have grown to expect when using kratom, but the benefits you reap from this strain are lengthy, and can last for hours on end before you need to think about taking more.

White strains of kratom are well known for being some of the more potent and hard hitting strains out there.

If you are experienced or a newbie who is tossing caution to the wind and trying Maui Waui a kratom for the first time, you should probably start off with a dosage of no more than 2 to 3 grams for your first time. As you get more used to taking this strain, you can work your way up slowly with your dosing.

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