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Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas?

Is Kratom legal for purchase in Arkansas?

Welcome to Arkansas, this state name originated from early French explorers who met a group of Indians, known as the Ugakhpah, meaning “people who live downstream.” These Native American’s later got the name Quapaw, also called the Arkansaw Indians.

Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas?

To sadly say, Kratom is currently banned in Arkansas. The ban happened in 2015 when the Arkansas authorities amended the controlled substances act, this included putting kratom into the Schedule I drug list.

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (chemical compounds within kratom) were specifically targeted after a certain doctor had notified the Arkansas department of health. stating that, “Kratom shows opioid agonist actions.” because of this, the authorities decided to outright ban kratom, considering the FDA did not approve it for medical use.

With these two chemical makeups being targeted, it’s stated they’re opium derivatives. This statement is entirely false since these are kratom alkaloids, making them kratom derivatives.

Other substances banned include Alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone and Suvorexant, both of which are synthetic man made substances.

Where to Buy Kratom in Arkansas

Since it’s illegal to actually own, use, or sell kratom in Arkansas. We firmly believe the kratom bans can negatively affect one’s ease of access and quality of life, we understand how hard it may be, but we advise you to not attempt to acquire or import kratom into your state. Doing so may hurt your legal situation and possibly the reputation of kratom. This could possibly influence people to a nationwide kratom ban, leading to more hurt people.

If you’d like to see a map of the U.S. kratom legalities, as well as more detailed information on whether kratom is legal in your state, please refer to this blog post.

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