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Is Kratom Legal in Arizona?

Is Kratom legal for purchase in Arizona?

Welcome to Arizona, home to the Grand Canyon, 22 national parks and monuments, plus the Arizona Trail, which is 800 miles long!

Is Kratom Legal in Arizona?

To sum it all up, yes, Kratom is Legal in Arizona, as of 2020. In fact, the governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey signed a bill in 2019 that regulated the sale of products containing kratom, becoming one of the few states that have taken on the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. In fact, to go even further Ducey wrote a letter to the Secretary of state, Katie Hobbs. Calling for the federal government to regulate the plant, stating, “I signed this bill because it takes a small but important step of prohibiting the sale of kratom to minors.”

Where to Buy Kratom in Arizona

Arizona natives and visitors can purchase kratom in tobacco/herb shops, even gas stations across all of the state. Most of them are located in Phoenix, but a you’ll still find kratom powder and products all over in Arizona.

In addition to that, however funny it sounds there are also some vending machines where customers can acquire kratom.

While these are quick, and very convenient ways of getting kratom, plus the implementation of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act would reduce or eliminate the risk of contamination, there are still certain benefits when customers buy kratom online.

Kratom from online stores especially shops who, like us, import kratom from the source, tends to be considerably higher-quality and you tend to receive discounts. There are fewer people and steps involved in the process, so kratom is much more fresh when the buyer finally opens the bag.

Online vendors may also offer loyalty programs such as collecting points as well as regular discounts which can make buying kratom even more cost-efficient.

Not to mention, we here at GLAKratom are from Missouri, a state which fully supports and enacted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, so you’ll receive the same guarantee as you would in any state with this bill.

If you?d like to see a map of the U.S. kratom legalities, as well as more detailed information on whether kratom is legal in your state, please refer to this blog post.

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