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Is Kratom Legal in Alaska?

Is Kratom legal for purchase in Alaska?

Welcome to Alaska, known as “The Great Land”, translating from the Aleut word Alyeska. Alaska is USA’s largest state, but with the lowest population density, at only one person per square mile. There are about 224 recognized tribes and 20 indigenous languages that are spoken in Alaska.

Is Kratom Legal in Alaska?

In short, yes, it?s currently legal to buy Kratom in Alaska. Due to this, the laws allow for the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of this organic product within the state lines. There hasn’t been any proposed bills seeking to ban kratom (Also known as Mitragyna specisoa) either. Public and political views seem to support Kratom more than oppose it currently.

As usual, it?s always important to stay informed with the latest laws and pending legislation in your state. For now, though, Alaska residents have nothing to worry about in regards to kratom being banned.

Where to Buy Kratom in Alaska

You can pick up some Kratom locally in Anchorage, along with other local vendors and gas stations. However, we always recommend choosing a reputable, well-known online source. In fact, doing this will give you better quality control, because you?ll know exactly what you?re getting from them.

Unlike other states, there aren?t any popular online Kratom vendors that ship from Alaska. With that being the case, we want to recommend looking for a safe and high quality kratom powder, like you can find here at GLAKratom. We’ll gladly ship out to The Last Frontier!

If you?d like to see a map of the U.S. kratom legalities, as well as more detailed information on whether kratom is legal in your state, please refer to this blog post.

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