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Important Things To Know Before Buying Kratom

People have had quite a close relationship with Kratom and it’s effects for centuries. Millions of people are looking towards the world of natural plants as an alternative to manmade medicine or invasive surgeries and procedures.

When you’ve decided to bring a new botanical into your health regimen, you want to make sure you’re selecting the right color, dosage, and company. If you’ve been looking into other routes of wellness, kratom may actually be what you’ve been trying to find this whole time. Take the leap and find out for yourself!

Kratom helps consumers manage daily stress, provide confidence and motivation, along with kill aches and pains. If you’ve been turned off by prescription or other chemical medicine, either from the effects or lack of them and you want to look for a natural solution, then consider adding kratom to your routine.

Before you go and purchase your Kratom, there are some things you should know about, to make sure you’re making a safe and well informed decision.

History of Kratom

Kratom is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Traditional communities in these areas have used Kratom for hundreds of years to manage the stresses of daily lives, motivate themselves, and inspire feelings of well-being.

Kratom is part of the family of plants that include the coffee tree, and it has an astonishing range of environments in which it likes to grow. It flourishes in both dry and flooded climates. Growers have noted that, when exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight, the kratom plant may grow with unbridled eagerness.

In our modern era, reputable sellers like GLAKratom have made Kratom accessible to enthusiasts in the Western hemisphere. GLA only sources Kratom from farms and wild growers, uses a third-party lab to test for unwanted ingredients and validity of packaging.

You can buy Kratom in powdered form and add it to drinks, foods, or make it into capsules to ingest it more quickly, as the bitter taste may throw off some beginning users.

If you’ve decided that Kratom is the supplement for you, here are three things to know before you buy.

#1| The Different Strains

There are three main strains when it comes to kratom, these are green vein, red vein, and white vein. Each of these colors cater to different issues and they all have different benefits. All the strains are usually made from the same kratom leaves.

Changes in the color of kratom and the chemical makeup tends to come throughout the drying process. The color change depends heavily on the amount of UV exposure from lamps and sunlight, as well as when the leaves are actually exposed to these UV rays.

Red vein Kratom powder tends to be relaxing and give off euphoric feelings. Red vein is usually used to help anxiety and is the strongest strain to relieve pain. Red vein Kratom is extremely popular and one of the best-selling types of Kratom. The tree itself is incredibly resilient and impresses agriculturalists with its ability to grow both in flooded areas, as well as dry, arid environments.

Red vein Kratom is dried in sunlight or under UV lamps, as well as fermented to increase it’s pain-killing qualities.

Green vein Kratom powder is actually a middle-of-the-road product when it comes to the effects, it’s used generally to help improve concentration and cognitive functions. Since it’s not too far into the pain-killing category, it’s not as strong of a sedative as red, allowing the user to continue working and enjoy the effects.

Green Kratom is generally dried in direct sunlight outside, but can still be put under UV lamps. It’s then brought inside for 1-2 hours during the drying process. The result is a pastel-like green, hinting at the original Kratom leaf’s hue. This type of Kratom promotes a cheerful demeanor, motivation, and alertness.

White vein Kratom has not been exposed to any UV light at all to get the lightest hue of the bunch. White Kratom powder tends to give the user energy, increased motivation and sociability, along with kratoms general euphoria.

#2| How and Why Do You Use Kratom?

A lot of people who are just starting in the Kratom world have a hard time with the taste, it can definitely take some time to become used to it, as it’s an acquired taste. Kratom has an extremely bitter taste when chewed or brewed into tea, but users have thought up a number of ways to mask the bitterness or avoid it altogether.

Once you’ve decided which strain of Kratom works best for you, consider the method of ingestion that’s most comfortable for your daily dose of kratom.

The traditional way to ingest Kratom is by actually chewing the leaves or brewing it into tea. If you want to try it in tea, mix in agave or honey to tone down the bitterness of Kratom. You can also add a touch of sweet almond milk or flavored creamer of your choice.

You can mix Kratom powder or brewed Kratom tea (hot or cold) into fruit smoothies or other beverages. Smoothies are very popular since the fruitiness does a great job of blending with the stronger Kratom taste. It also offers the extra benefit of being able to add other ingredients to your smoothie for added health gains.

The final option to ingest Kratom is by making your own pills or capsules. Making capsules is an especially apt method if you’re entirely turned off by the taste or smell of Kratom, while still wanting to benefit from its healing effects.

Consumers make capsules that will let them manage the amount of powder they are using for a dose, and what kind of Kratom powder they’re ingesting, the general amount of kratom in most capsules tends to be half a gram (500mg). If you’re experimenting with the different strains and testing out hybrids like white and green vein Kratom or red and white vein, capsules are an excellent aid as they let you mix and match.

Finally, capsules are discreet and transportable, so you can carry them with you and not worry about spills or messes.

Another factor you should consider when deciding what conveyance you will use for Kratom is how much to use. Dosage is vital for both newcomers to the Kratom community as well as those who have been a part of the Kratom family for years.

Another aspect of dosage is to figure out which strain is most beneficial to your physiology and lifestyle. Sometimes, consumers will mix strains to procure the desired outcome. It takes practice and a little bit of research to get it right.

For example, blending white vein and green vein Kratom imbues a synergistic feeling of well-being and motivation. It is all about your lifestyle and your expectations. You can always contact us at GLAKratom about dosage, strain, or any other questions you may have.

#3| Importance of Third-Party Testing

One of the most important things to know about your Kratom provider is whether they send their products out for third-party testing. Third-party testing in an outside, professionally licensed lab ensures that the product you’re buying is 100% Kratom powder and does not have anything else in it.

Outside laboratories also ensure your product does not have any other damaging substances in it like E. coli, salmonella, heavy metals, or pesticides. At GLAKratom, we always send our products out for third-party testing.

GLAKratom uses Columbia Food Laboratories as our Kratom testing facility. At Columbia Food’s, they examine our products for a variety of pathogens. If any of the lab results come back with a less-than-stellar grade, GLA will never sell that product. At GLAKratom, we make sure the product you’re buying is 100% pure kratom you’re buying, with no filler.

At GLAKratom, we encourage our clients to see our lab results for themselves. We want to be transparent about our products and our lab results to make sure you know you’re making the best choice available for your lifestyle.

Kratom Legality and Your State.

All new Kratom users should also know where they can and cannot buy Kratom. While Kratom has the potential to boost your well-being, it is not always well-understood or researched by legislators. Before beginning your Kratom regimen, check your local and state laws to ensure Kratom is legal in your area.

In Conclusion

Kratom is the new buzzword in the wellness and holistic health circuit, even though it’s been used for thousands of years by traditional communities in Southeast Asian countries like Borneo and Thailand.

If you’re new to the Kratom scene, it is crucial to procure Kratom from a supplier you can trust, like GLAKratom. It is equally vital to understand the different strains of Kratom and which one would work best for your wellness regimen.

Check your supplier’s agreement with a third-party laboratory and if they can offer you lab results stating that the product, they’re selling is 100% Kratom and nothing else.

GLAKratom is dedicated to finding remedies in the natural world that can help you restore and revive your energies. We all need help balancing the stresses of living in a modern world. Kratom may be your answer.

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