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How To Take Kratom: Oblate Discs

Are you curious about all the ways you can take your Kratom Powder or just trying to find an easier way? Sure, some consumers of kratom are long life fans of capsules or the tried and true “toss and wash” method. But there’s a new contender in town, one that combines many of the advantages of the other most popular kratom methods: Oblate Discs and parachuting kratom.

The kratom community has rallied around oblate discs (also known as “oblaat”) as one of the fastest and most convenient ways of dosing kratom. But is the hype worth it? We certainly think so! We’ve done some research here at GLAKratom and put together a blog to help you decide if you should start using Oblate disks for Kratom!

What are Oblate Discs, and Why Should I Take Kratom Using Oblate Discs?

Oblate discs are thin, flexible sheets made out of vegetable starch (often rice, seaweed, or potato starch). They originated in Japan but have recently spread internationally, thanks to their applications in cooking, medicine, and many other areas of life.

Oblate disks are transparent, flavorless, and entirely edible. A combination that makes them a versatile and effective tool for a wide variety of purposes.

In recent years, users have discovered a new use for oblate discs: parachuting kratom.

For many users, oblate discs for kratom are an ideal pairing, combining many benefits of kratom capsules with the ease of the toss and wash method. Taking or “parachuting” oblate discs filled with kratom offers the following benefits:

  • Like the toss and wash method, oblate discs for kratom require only minimal preparation.
    • With oblate discs, kratom prep is easier than with DIY kratom capsules; however, prepared oblate discs will not store as well as capsules.
  • Oblate discs are flavorless but conceal the naturally earthy and bitter taste of kratom powder.
    • This makes oblate discs a more attractive option than toss and wash for users who dislike the distinctive taste of kratom.Oblate discs are extraordinarily thin, allowing them to dissolve very quickly in the stomach.
      • This makes parachuting kratom slightly faster-acting than kratom capsules and only marginally slower than the toss and wash.

You can think of oblate discs as a sort of half-way point between tossing and washing kratom and taking kratom capsules because of these benefits. Easy to prepare, fast-acting, and completely flavorless, it’s no wonder the kratom community has embraced oblate discs!

How to Use Oblate Discs for Parachuting Kratom

Using oblate discs to dose your kratom is fast, easy, and convenient! However, there are a few simple techniques you’ll want to master to make your oblate disc experience a breeze.

Measure out your kratom dose: As with any method of dosing kratom, dosage is key! Depending on the size of the dose you take, a single oblate disc may not be able to hold your desired amount of kratom powder.

1. Lay out your oblate disc(s) and place your kratom dose in the center: While precisely measuring out your total dose is important, it isn’t necessary to ensure that it’s perfectly evenly divided between your oblate discs, so just eyeball it. Don’t go too large with any single oblate disc; the more kratom powder you put in one, the harder it will be to swallow!

2. Fold the oblate disk repeatedly, creating a compact ball that seals the kratom powder in: There are many ways to fold or wrap your oblate discs. Some users repeatedly fold it in half; others pull the edges up then twist the excess to seal the kratom powder in. Depending on the size of your dose and your comfort swallowing capsules (or parachuting oblate discs) of various shapes and sizes, different techniques may work better for you. A bit of experimentation can go a long way!

3. Wet the edges of your oblate disc to seal it and ensure no kratom powder escapes: When exposed to moisture, oblate discs partially melt and can fuse together with other oblate disc surfaces they’re pressed against. A little moisture goes a long way; try simply licking the edge of your oblate disc, much as you might lick a mail envelope to moisten and seal it.

Note: some users recommend dropping the entire oblate disc + kratom powder “packet” into water. While this WILL seal the disc, at least temporarily, the packet will quickly melt and release your kratom dose. ONLY try this method if you plan to IMMEDIATELY drink the glass of water, swallowing the packet it contains as you would a pill or capsule.

The Bottom Line on Oblate Discs for Kratom

Are oblate discs the right choice for you? Undoubtedly, parachuting kratom is convenient and fast-acting. In fact, using oblate discs may just be the perfect middle-ground between the toss and wash and kratom capsules!

In short, oblate discs are definitely worth a shot.

When compared with kratom capsules, oblate discs’ only meaningful downside is that they don’t store well. Oblate discs are more sensitive to moisture than capsules and tend to break down much more rapidly if exposed to even small amounts of moisture.

As such, oblate discs are ideal for users who plan to take their dose immediately after creating the disc pouch (see above for techniques).

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